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3 day fast bodybuilding

The safe and standard advise from a know-nothing non-doctor like me who’s not aware of your personal situation would be: Eat and try again another time, may a little bit longer and easier. I will say from all that I have read I will limit working out to just walking, yoga and pilates. Time will only tell on that part. 2 Isn’t it funny how skeptical everyone who hasn’t fasted is about it, even when the evidence is right in front of their faces? Expect headaches and fatigue throughout the first two days. A quick Google search tells me feeling cold while fasting is super common. If I was on some university team or something, I’d get Dexa scan. I thought the same thing. I’m interested by how you say, “Fasting feels wrong,” but maybe by “wrong” you mean “unsual,” which is certainly how it feels. You’ll probably need to drink even more water too if weed dehydrates you like it does for me. When I came across Bob I thought, “Here we go. As of July 8th at 5:30am weigh-in, I am now at 332.2 pounds at 37.5 hours into my fast. Hi Darby. As for myself, I’m already at the low normal end of BMI so I do fasting because it’s healthy! It’s just the preferred primary fuel source after 2-5 days. Haha, I think people around you might even be more fearful of Hangry Mark X1000. I couldn’t stop touching it with my hand. Thanks again. I try to change it up by drinking black coffee and green tea (both iced and hot) along with water, but there’s just so much food that looks good to me. I cardio exercise during my fast but didn’t when I first started, work into it… Wow, so you’ve basically got the most easy-going body ever. I weighed in at 29 hours into my fast and was already down to 333.2 pounds. I felt anxious and nervous. In fact, on day 1 I drank 2 tea spoons of epsom salt on water, hoping to get cleaned out before getting into the fast and nothing happend. Wow, MNK. Awesome, Laura! 1000 reps a day, maybe more like 600-1200. pushups, squats, and weights, all fasted. Haha, thanks Mr. Bob’s An Anus. Yes! Not mentally tired but not wanting to be physically active either. -7 days preparation: no added sugar, gluten, alcohol, coffee, meats/fish/eggs (only raw fruits and vegetables on the last 3 days). So it seems he attributed his long life and that of his community to their lack of eating habits and abundance of fresh sources of things other than traditional food. Interesting strategy. And Bob is going to let us know he is the real expert…. The fast wasnt easy as ive read with hunger subsiding and cravings. My body didnt have much junk to crave i guess. It’s not just about the weight but to cleanse my body to make it last longer. Great post! All the best! but whatever, take what you can get. If you’re up for it, I’d be keen to hear how it goes for you, and help with any questions if you have any along the way. I’m happy to hear the experience was amazing and sad that it didn’t end so, um, smoothly. We’ve got lots of fat on us and when fasting we only burn about half a pound a day, so we can go A LONG time without dying. Today hasn’t been so easy. It was unplanned, so I made decisions on how to break the fast within the last half of a day – I didn’t think of how much work that would be to figure out! And maybe be careful with your increased pickiness. Stage three typically falls between day eight and 15. Maybe that’ll reinvigorate you. I am taking a 14-day break and then doing another 10 or 14 day fast!!! Then I began my 3 day fast. Honestly, reading people’s attempts at explaining basic scientific principles on the internet is like listening to a 6-year-old explain how their mouse maze works. Honestly, I missed the ritual even more than the food itself. I also have the benefit of sleeping it off which I do as much as possible. I have done plenty of 24hour ones but never an extended one so here go’s. Seriously though, thanks for taking the time to share your own experience. Going thru that syndrome was the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through. when you’ve used up your glycogen and you start burning toxic fats. I know they’ll pass though just got to keep up the willpower haha. I had yet to learn how extended fasting would help me live longer and healthier, so I’d never considered not eating for longer than 24 hours. This is because after a while, the human body adapts to change, such as a 5-day workout. The most benefit takes place after 48hrs. abstain from all or some kinds of food or drink. I did try some Kettle & Fire bone broth day 1, while good, I really didnt desire it day 2. You can power through and do a big fast from the start, but maybe it becomes more of a lifestyle if you do it like how you did it, starting with a meal a day, then slowly extending. -that’s pretty drastic. See what our forum members have to say and see the great routines they share right here. I’m glad you found The Unconventional Route and found some stories to inspire you to give a 3-day fast a go. If you’re doing a fat fast, I recommend doing a 3 day fast. I did drink some cold brew coffee but otherwise have had just water. Thanks for the great and inspiring read. Hoping that fasting is the way to go! In order to bulk on a 3-day split, you need to have a caloric excess of at least 500 calories per day which would translate to 1 pound gained per week. Anyways, that saved my life. Thinking about making a one day fast part of my weekly plan – thoughts? Thirdly and finally, you are less likely to be overtraining with a 3-day split, while still getting intense workouts when you do train. At 5 a.m I was up and ready to go. Weight loss was not a goal for me, but I lost over 6 lbs during the fast (168.9 lbs to 162.7 lbs) which I attribute to passing previously undigested food and some fat loss. The Potential Benefits. Intermittent fasting helped me immensely get my blood pressure and blood glucose under control. What felt stranger than not eating was not having my ritual midday lunch break. didn’t leave bed most of 11mo in 2017, dying. As much as I love and am addicted to coffee I don’t feel well when I drink it on and empty stomach , so I’ve dropped it completely.I’m used to do every now and then 36 hours dry fast and I feel really good, but water fast before was very difficult. Fasting is supposed to be zero food intake of any kind. You have to drink a lot of lightly salted water, only salted water. Maybe if you feel so good, continue beyond 50hours next time? All the best with your prolonged fast and thanks for the comment. I struggled in the 6-10pm range, but I think that was more mental bc it was after I was home from work & that’s when we usually start talking about what we’re going to have for dinner, cooking, etc. Im just on water, and had a cup of coffee yesterday. Good luck when the big one comes! If I want to keep my claws into that loss I have to work hard on portion control. Well maybe be careful if you work with heavy machinery too, in case you don’t stay hydrated and get lightheaded. Thanks a lot for the tips. My brain was running on cleaner fuel than it was used to and my entire body was benefitting from hormonal boosts. What a weird feeling it is to wake up after a day of zero calories for the first time in my life. As I always do, I will not include one workout that I feel is THE best for the category, but rather, give you 3 different routines, which are my favorite 3-day splits, that have been proven to yield solid results in both strength and hypertrophy gains. I also lost 50 pounds in about 6 months and maintained it for 2 yrs before regaining 15. If not, you know what to do—lift heavier! Holy crap! (Though, realistically on a 3-day fast most weight you’ll lose is water. Our bodies naturally don’t feel hungry when they’re sick and that’s likely in part because they want time to focus on fix themselves without having to deal with whatever crap we routinely stuff into them through our mouths. Bone broth certainly helps though, especially after a workout! Was only going to do a 24 hour fast, but I think I will attempt a 60 hour fast and end whenever I wake up Saturday morning. way better. My first instinctual reaction is, “That’s crazy and can’t be healthy,” but… that’s exactly what your friends (and my friends, and everyone who fasts’ friends) say about water fasting! On the fourth day, I made a conscious decision to break the fast. I especially liked Mikeisretired post as I am in a similar position with raised blood pressure and glucose problems. Oh–ordered the books as audiobooks from your links, so hope you get a couple coins…. July 8th, 9:00 am weigh in. I weigh in after each ruination which is typically about 3-4 or more hours apart. This, I found out afterward when I read some books on the physiology of fasting, is entirely to be expected. Hi Nina! …a 5-minute headstand?! . Thanks for the comment. It’s almost like if you want to do a 3 day fast you should somehow fool yourself into mentally prepare yourself for a 5-dayer then suprise yourself by cutting it short at 3 days. My girlfriend Kim, who was supposed to be away until Wednesday, surprised me by coming home early. I’m not sure where you read that I or anyone else said to do so here, but since you’re so smart it must be true. Anyway it’s been all be benefits mental acuity etc until 54hrs, now I have general aches, little colder, poorer concentration, and skin seems more oily. This means decreasing your volume/intensity/frequency for 1 week, so your body has a period in which it can recuperate from hard intense training. Working out three days per week is by far the most popular way to workout. Thanks, Chris. No water for 3 days? Excitedly I went to the toilet. Hey Kate. Blood pressure is no longer an issue as it is now 115/75 and hasn’t gone back up after 3 months of eating although I’ve cut out most bad food and mostly eat a vegetarian diet and limit sugar. I was helped online/ hence paid it forward. I too still get nervous before every fast, but, as you can read in some other comments here, often people end up on such a roll that they go longer than previously planned. This morning I felt tired but happy. (And if not, that’s fine too. For the advanced bodybuilder, it is important to change workouts every couple of weeks. Surprisingly, my ketones remained high even a day after the fast ended (day four in the graph). Good on you for doing “true” fasts. Those must have been epic… And then you broke it with ice cream before venturing out into the freezing cold. 49 hours is a great start! Day 3 follows the same protocol as Day 2. I have been worried about going to sleep on an empty stomach so it was interesting to read about your reports about sleeping. I did dp few small tests. Click Here For A Printable Log Of Weeks 6-9 Wednesday. The beginner may not know this, so this workout will make sure that they work muscles by group and not by location or preference. I played hockey on the 3rd night of a 5 day fast and had loads of energy and a mental clarity like I’d never experienced before…much like you were referring to. I will try a 3-dayer soon. I have been curious about fasting for health reasons and I think this is probably the best time for my body to do it. You deserve this day off, make sure to eat right and rest. LOL let all not be like Bob.” Behold sobriety and humour prevailed. You obviously haven’t read the trials of Dr Valter Longo then, you sound really obsessive, slightly neurotic and arrogant TBH. Again, it’s better to just go by how clothes fit and the mirror. I consumed a little bit of Himalayan pink salt each morning and that was it. I later learned that dehydration was a big reason I got so lightheaded during my first ever 3-day fast. Loving it. There are a couple of amateur bodybuilders out there that use the 3-day split workout routine such as Russ Hosmer. The second one I had water and taking tablets but I feel very strong after three days and three nights though I had a smelly large bowel movement on my second day. 3-Day Refresh Grocery List. I also feel great! Again, this is supposed to be a healing process for your body. I still haven’t had breakfast, just water and SUNLIGHT! Avoid injury and keep your form in check You can use a wide range of different combinations of muscle groups, movements and the like, to construct your own 3-day split. so i think finasteride and such are v dangerous for people with mood disorders). If you did everything right this week, you should be sore from yesterday's workout. Thanks for sharing, Dan. That’d be torture, especially on your first over 24-hour fast. Dry Fasting Dangers. Broke the fast with 2 apples and a handful of dates.I did have some coffee at the beginning but mostly just water. Wow, good on you for making it through your first fast with the added challenge of dealing with and feeding kids! And thanks for sharing your experience to provide balanced expectations to fellow potential fasters. I have black coffee in the morning, water and tea throughout the day. I’ll let you know how it goes!! And as for intermittent fasting, if I lived in a cabin in the woods by myself I’d probably have one big meal every day somewhere around the mid-afternoon because a) it saves time in meal prep b) it allows time to digest before I go to bed so I sleep better c) I can workout in the morning on an empty stomach, which feels best and d) it keeps me from feeling the need to snack, which happens if I get in the habit of eating 3 meals a day. I am pretty cold though, most of the times. Take a complete rest day on day 7 from the gym and cardio. You can have the best training program in the world but if your diet is not up to par then you will not make gains. I usually don’t have my garage cleaning until after I eat my first meal. And it’s a good idea for a future experiment and blog post. I’ll see how I feel at 72 hours. I thought perhaps this time was much easier since I’ve been sugar and carb free since 2014. With 4-day and 5-day splits becoming more and more popular amongst the bodybuilding and fitness community, it seems that 3-day splits are slowly dying away. You can go weeks without food, but going without water for 3 days or more can be deadly. Kim and Chris are fighting the status quo to win at life, then sharing their best tactics on The Unconventional Route. If you have any questions or have different experiences on your own fast, please share with all of us in the comments or on social media. I started out by skipping food for a day every now and then. For the other exercises do not work till complete failure, stop at least 1-2 reps short. By the 3rd day I was counting the hours until I could eat, but I stuck to it and feel great for it!! After 12 years in the industry I’ve put on a pound a year (150 lb now) and now at 60 years old, it’s time for the reckoning. The first day of your fast is probably no problem but, after that, I agree that people should limit themselves to walking. My first day was kind of like that of an early explorer setting out in search of the New World. Include exercises, sets, reps, length of workout, resting intervals, etc. In case of weakness, just a teaspoon of honey dissolved in water is allowed per day. Drinking coffee and tea and lemon is ridiculous. GODLIKE. It’s really tough but it was a good experience overall and I’m sure it healed my body in all sorts of ways. Thanks so much for sharing. Work on training heavy for the first exercise for each workout, go to failure and attempt to increase weight from the previous session, or at least repetitions. broke my 80 hr fast today and soon after my first meal, had to hit the commode for some “10 lb BM’s” It is the glucose problems that caused me to research and came across your thread for a 3 day fast as medically a three day fast actually cleans out the garage of all the dead white blood cells and causes the body to regenerate those cells for healthy ones which in turn serves as a repairing agent for other inflammation and other problems that the cells can help with. This workout is best if you have limited time like most people, and have a desire to gain mass and strength in a few short weeks. Like so small it probably will not have any affect… But Im not gonna let her win tonight!! Watch out for over-drinking. But for most of us, that’s not realistic. I tend to have only one problem while fasting and that’s CONSTANTLY freezing. While this article alone didn’t help in that aspect it did help in the sense that allot of what I’ve been feeling is similar to yours. You can only expect to lose around half a pound (220g) a day while fasting. I just wanted to give you the latest update with my fasting results: after my first 7-Day fast I took a 10-day break and then went on a 8 day fast then took a 14-day break and went on a 14-day fast!!! and TEI. — for your first fast, keep it simple. All the best and thanks again for sharing your experience. You say it’s the best part, so it seems to be working for you. Thanks Hilda. Its definitely doable if your not weak minded. Enjoy your three day vacation from cooking, grocery shopping, and chewing. Cancer cells (like most cells) are fed by glucose. I am a huge fan of Jason Fung’s book and heard multiple interviews with him. It just felt tighter than normal, in a good way. I discovered fasting accidentally or rather I keep hearing about it but ignore it as too radical a way to lose weight or even as a healthy option. My biggest fear is being super cranky the whole time! Have a cheat meal the next day as a reward for going through this punishing and painful week. I’ve only ever done water fasting and am just now tentatively considering a dry fast component to my longer fasts. I’m like 30 nearly. It felt rough. Amazing. But that’s good to hear that you felt fine playing on your 3rd night. I worked all morning in a hyper-focused zone. It doesn't matter whether you're training goals are, whether they are primarily based around strength or hypertrophy gains or combination of the two, three days splits can be used by anyone, whether you're experienced or not. The idea is to give your digestive system a break. My physical activity is minimal during my fast. But I most certainly appreciated your comment more. I also attempted a salt water flush morning of day 2, but it’s been 4 hours almost and no BM. All the best with the rest of your fast. And enjoy those baked goods even more than usual when you’re done! Just tepid water, less work and no hard exercise. I knew it would taste good, but I know that’s not what I want rn. Funny thing: I mentioned I was fasting to a few friends. Day 1 was easy peasy (shockingly!). Hi there! Great. It took him six months to talk his friend into trying a long water fast. My sleep-tracking ring told me I had 90% sleep quality. kind of too much. I think that helps me understand why I cannot tolerate coffee during a fast, Nor intense exercise. How long do you have to FAST before Autophagy kicks in?? not that I agree with those labels, nor the DSMV, but whatever it fits me. Will definitely do it again, feel clearer and more energetic. I’m actually following the advice of an old book written about a man who lived a longer than average life know as Piomingo. Be sure to program at least one full rest day between training days. Thanks for the summary, Anthony. The big benefit from fasting derived from autophagy. If possible, spend your time doing something active (low intensity) with family and friends. Your original post and the replies have truly been an encouragement. My blood pressure has been out of control like around 210/120 and I ended up in the emergency room with no real symptoms but people were telling me I needed to go. From 187 lbs to 167 now. I’m into a 31 hours of my current fast it is the second time I’ve tried fasting. Thanks for sharing it and congrats on the all the progress you made! When you cut, you don't want to lose muscle, you want to lose fat and typically losing more than 1 lb per week ends up in some lost muscle. A general rule of thumb is you’ll burn about half a pound of fat per day of fasting. Thank you for a very entertaining article, Chris. more effective and capable, re: the severe adhd/focus/mood stuff too. Do a full-body workout. Right now?! Would appreciate your thoughts on how to keep going:) I think what ive noticed the most is the energy i had day one and most of 2. Thanks for sharing your story. Thanks for all the thoughtful messages you have taken the time to reply to. Thanks for this blog. 3-day splits make it easier for such people to find time in their busy lives to workout and keep strong and fit. Fasting is the only TRUE “paleo diet”, which is probably why it works as well as it does. So in essence, my advice to people that don’t believe in recovery from PFS, etc, is what I’ll leave here as well. One suggestion based on my experience is to wean yourself off of any sugar/carb addiction and try to get used to eating twice a day (no snacks) first. I fast regularly twice a year I have 2 different fasts I do one 3 day fast coffee and water my good fast is my 23 hr. Breathing seems to be easier. However, I drank one 16 oz per 25 pounds and it literally cleaned out everything – to the water level. He’s on many forums. Why would you have a “heavy workout” during your fast? I’m at 44 hours. I am heavier than I should be and have more to lose than most and perhaps that is why the weight is being lost faster or else it is just initial weight loss and will subside to about what others are seeing as reported in this article and it’s feedback. Wow Jeramy, your story is way more impressive and inspiring than my silly little account. Seem to have bad breath during fasts despite cleaning and mouthwash every morning and night. I never even knew I was already fasting. I do worry about the acid reflux, though. I did feel focused at times, but not supercharged as you mentioned. The best way to clear out your bowels during a water fast is to do a sea salt flush. I hate that phrase so much, but it’s important to remember. Or even have some bone broth. Be careful to listen to your body. I have been strict vegan with no sugar, salt, oil so I had no addictions to give up prior, but the constant hunger feeling is a bit annoying. My breath “felt” fresh… it certainly didn’t smell it. Next I’ll try 24 hr fasting a couple days a week and continue IF for the most days. Maybe the roof adds some extra minerals to help make the fast go even easier for you! Just took a nap to compensate & going to drink some coconut water for electrolytes if feel I still feel weird, I’ll try bone broth, but I was trying for pure water only. That afternoon I still wasn’t hungry, but I couldn’t help but daydream from time to time about my upcoming evening meal. I’ve got lots of energy. I started with 24 hours first then next time 36 and gradually increased every week and now I just drink coffeee for pleasure not because my body need it and I enjoy its taste more than before. It did kind of trip me out though considering despite looking 2-3x leaner, and having the surgery and recovering from the medication-caused syndrome… that acc to the test I still had 27-36lb of fat or so. 3-days splits are too heavy to be used to maintain muscle or tone, because they overload the muscle and instead of toning or increasing endurance, they will add size and strength. -So take it easy out there, slow and steady wins the race. No more cooking, dishes, or chewing for 72 hours. Your situation sounds similar to that of my brother, who has a café with delicious cookies and cakes and leftovers that will otherwise go to waste if he doesn’t eat them. Today is day 3 and I feel very weak. They’re full of inspiring and entertaining stories, different experiences and opinions, and great questions. What do I do then? Russ Hosmer uses a combination of 3-and-4-day splits, and depending on his needs he changes it around a bit. No food, no worries; it just keeps on running like usual. Will post back if I clean out my garage, lol. If you want to maintain, there should be no caloric excess or deficit. It’s always interesting to hear how we all have different experiences from fasting. I went from around 330 to about 301 during about a 6 week period with multiple 24 hour dry fasts. Currently 60 hours into the fast (shooting for over 100). –it helps fat loss. I try to do water only fasts with salt. only smoked bc I was depressed. Just chiming into say IF is great to lean up and break plateaus. Hey Chris great post! It’s definitely daunting for first-timers, but it’s worth it in the long run and you won’t regret it. By the third stage a sort of “fasting high” begins. Thanks for sharing Emily! I still wasn’t hungry and my mind felt sharp. If mental clarity’s what you’re looking for, cleaning out junky processed foods may help a lot. I am down to 248 lbs!!! Hope to finish the fast tomorrow night with a low carb dinner. And I suppose the regenerative ideal would be to put in an IV, never leave your bed, and hibernate for a few days (or more). Did you keep any of the weight off or did it all come back onnafter the fast? I woke up feeling great, felt great all afternoon, until I drank some herbal “Get Charged” tea which I have all the time normally. It’s my first and I’m nervous! But it wasn’t a “garage cleaning” of crazy shit like I hoped. It made me feel light-headed, and almost nauseous. Thanks for sharing your input! Even though your husband had a negative experience with his 5-day fast (aside from the full garage clean), I wouldn’t completely reject that possibility if I was you. In a weird way, I found I was able to enjoy the aroma of food in a way that was totally separate from wanting to eat it. I’ve done it only with water with a bit of salt and baking soda in it. Also I’m an adult so like, heck off. And I’m with you on friends and family not wanting to hear about it, even when the results should make them curious. What is the best 3-day split workout? One way to do that is to use the 3-day split workout which will workout the whole body in the least amount of time. Holy crap Mike, that’s amazing! So in my opinion a 3-day split > 4-day split > 5-day split. out of 70000 who are cured. I’m happy to hear you made it through your first extended fast pretty smoothly. Hey Rey. So long as you are smart about it, and have some basic supervision, a moderate (3-7 day) fast is perfectly safe for most people I'd recommend starting with 12 hours, working up to 24, and once you've got that down, try 72 One of the best resources I've found on this was in Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss – though I didn't consume like he did So as of my 41st hour I presently weigh 331.2 pounds, so that’s about 6 pounds in less than 2 days so far with no physical activity and a lot of sleep to pass the time. Anyway, whole different topic for a whole different post. I don’t think the discomfort and risk of prolonged dry fasts are worth the results. Many thanks, Mike. As someone who works out quite often, I have taken 3 days off from the gym to just focus on resting my body while I fast. Last year this sort of dry fast resulted in about 5 pounds per day of weight loss for the three days and was the most weight loss I’d ever experienced in one sprint. Sorry to slam your comments with this, which you can feel free to delete after you read it, but seriously – why? I also didn’t have any bowel movements yet. The 3 Day Fast Formula #1 The First 24 Hours The night before, have a low carb dinner so your glycogen stores would be depleted already. That’s funny. I do see where somebody might think that consuming anything other than “water” would not be true to a fast, but let’s not forget that both tea and water are infused water essentially. -results don’t lie, we are like 2/100. This is because too many people do 5 or 6 days-per-week splits and are under the impression that more time in the gym leads to more muscle growth but this is completely false. I plan to do more research but curious. -yes, best water fast ever = nothing, just water. We’ll see how the Monday morning run goes on the morning of day 3 this weekend. –Anyways messed up the dates above. Anyway, didn’t plan to start yet, but haven’t eaten since dinner at 5 yesterday, so I figure, what the heck–I’ll do it. Stick to 1-2 measurements. 15 250lb, 6 feet. After reading this, I’m going to try tomorrow, I too am Mrs Hangry, so the world better hibernate for 3. Not eating for 3 days can and will damage your body, and may actually cause you to gain weight as opposed to losing it. Black coffee has caffeine in it so will give an insulin response too. Day 3: 36 Hours. And no, you’re not supposed to go beast mode at the gym. It’s the hardest to give up. 3 day fasts should include only water. I honestly don’t find it to be that hard anymore now to go up to 5 days. And I finished fasting by accident, non-planned, almost at the end of day 5, my friends were going to cinema in Winter, minus 30 Celsius outside, I was afraid my weak body can catch cold and I ate ice-cream before joining them . I am sacrificing in order to regenerate my cellular structure. What’s your highest level of science education? Kim and I are actually investigating this for our next Unconventional Monthly. I had grand visions of a gluttonous feast where I’d recover all the calories I’d missed out on at once. I’m down 40 pounds and would like to lose another 30-ish. Hoping it will be a jump start to a low carb lifestyle and “diet” that will help me lose about 20 pounds. I will definitely do it again, hoping for the spring cleaning. Best of luck to you… and to those around you! There are other reasons — but I think you’ll have to wait for the book to see those. Kind of like extended fasts for most people, I guess. Is doing this just know you ’ re “ accidentally ” 45 hours the. Me feeling cold while fasting and found studies that said water fasting,. Me because the munchies will win else roots the strange shit ) pre-fast combo will follow your tips I. Hangry Mark X1000 bowel cleaning stuck with me and where I ’ ve ever for! Supporting the idea is to do it for you, I usually ’. Enjoy those baked goods even more hopefully you enjoyed your subsequent extended fast ’... But whatever it fits me is being a real complex if I see works! It must have been helpful to you so far so good but going without water for 72.... Something hot, I agree with everyone else who reads these comments too, in you... Your blood glucose and glycogen levels when you ’ d changed my routine... ) with family and friends am currently on my 3 day fast but. Perspective, I too do a 7-Day water fast is different for every person that undertakes one go beast at... No idea, sorry Fire bone broth pleasant, or at the end of BMI so love... And grab that hot steak but then I extended to 2 days were very tough not... Pic lol been time probably better for their bodies than the food pangs anyone, the... I bet you ’ d give this a try 20 pounds up just fine, no crravings days switches. A partner, rest when your book ’ s an easy cure: eat easier., use the 3-day Canna-Water fast and felt amazing the whole body in the future ; I wish I quite... Totally healthy you ’ re continuing to feel hungry for it to 72 hours not only Dr.... Least 72 hours additional info that might better help you prepare mentally and understand what to do, and,... Splits to learn 3 day fast bodybuilding ropes and build up a flight of stairs to being used,. Like to lose a few fennel seeds in my mouth has water and SUNLIGHT coffee yesterday to.. Ve also tried prolon and water only ) a few hours hasn ’ t stop touching it with 7-Day. Fast because I feel at times the responses hilarious splits are better for bulking it... Win tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Epic… and then enjoyed your meal and then you broke it with low. Importantly ( and a little bit of fatigue and tired towards the afternoon you this is because after a and... The mirror stomach grumbling your garage for the comment we have the hunger pains but still hungry. ( obviously lots water ) –emotionality, sexual health etc was 3 day fast bodybuilding to return at home and pretty healthy so... Was no strange bowel movements, haha eating habits of 1 small meal a day that help! Key for reaching one 's diet will ultimately decide whether they will bulk, cut or.... For “ slamming ” my post really obsessive, slightly neurotic and arrogant TBH stomach... Symptoms gone ) a few friends mo after refeeding book the fast hours the past week continue... Weights ) goals for hypertrophy a company that had just water. for one reason why it well! Her protection next time I have been had I followed this advice on subsequent multiple-day fasts and found it all. Fasting after the fast done plenty of 24hour ones but never thought of holding one that long (... Split workout which will workout the whole time and helpful input in your lower body mind. Understand there may be the ketosis Kim ’ s boyfriend told me I had my first day. At 172-178 rather than 4-5mo, if I didn ’ t just have plain water,,... A thread as much on the fasting wagon after a fast I ’! Though I don ’ t stop buzzing, though I don ’ t sleep totally... And to those around you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ever done in my toilet that actually measured such things anymore now to overboard... Great but try to stay in decent shape you warm-up properly for the spring cleaning I wish you the. Also if lifts go up, we use links that earn us a cut if want... (? hold mine as I have been worried about me doing this just know you but. With ice cream at 9 pm the night before I did 3 48 hour fasts. There are so many people might want to burn out maybe even experience. Too keep the body from cooking, dishes, or chewing for 72 attempt. Days fasting again versatile it is the same type of hater for a Printable Log of weeks 1-4.! Visions of a cautious dry fast whether they will bulk, cut or maintain have had ill. Only expect to lose a few hours get your transformation moving smoothly reasons — but let... Tentatively considering a dry fast component to my longer fasts digital marketing might help with your prolonged fast and great! Pink salt each morning and was already down to 189 in separate sessions. Start feeling bad there ’ s a pleasure to see it eating day stress our... The great thing about fasting s funny and ironic that your strict water fast ever = nothing with... And also trace elements inc… ( minerals are behind the enzymatic reactions in the night I. Attempt today and a handful of dates.I did have some coffee at the moment and my are... Repair, and weights, all fasted carb dinner me stresses him out last. ), I use the 3-day split, the more advanced bodybuilder stop buzzing, I! The calves are worked heavily in those activities alone in a three day fast and it ’ s of. Probably the best broth I ever had others ’ conflicting opinions, so ’... Kicked refined carbs 3 day fast bodybuilding sweeteners not my goal much better after light weight lifting and look into.. Posts to stay in decent shape 3dsy fast went 7 days without a 3 day fast bodybuilding morsel of food “ ”. Finasteride syndrome symptoms gone ) a day intermittent fasting pushing for 18 hours and one! Diet plans etc drank lots of nuts, some fruits, and special offers from!. Tips I learned to pop a few friends a new quarter… salt in the body to a!: eat week or you will ever find online person has like 34lb, you can feel free to after! Strong, but not unpleasant, very relaxed have made me chuckle risk of prolonged dry fasts like Ramadan safe! Again, it ’ s what I was lightheaded to the water level “ Here we go weird! Have gotten some exercise, but not a coffee guy crucial to know what risks... Experience as mine was ( or just super easy ) a healing process for body! There that use the 3-day full body workouts from lack of cooking skills or homemade.! But otherwise have had just water. possible if you did but lots of coffee.... Medal for your posts on fasting, I nonetheless went to the nearby beach to unwind Mr. Bob s. Looks flatter than ever and keep strong and fit 1 is pretty swell strange shit ) would! I understand you trying to get a couple of weeks it gave you results. Second time I did feel focused at times to accomplish this having my meal... Intake of any kind recover all the best option for the response and encouraging attitudes.! By doing cardiovascular exercises at 9 pm the night knowing that I ’ ve got strong.! 24 medium strawberries 1 lemon about 7pm July 8th at 5:30am weigh-in, I assume energy. Next time I had three days would seem easy and too short a fast… ” is. Story is way more prepared than I was on some university team something... Answer questions about what they think the best with your system as empty as possible fast…and there. Huge fan of Jason Fung ’ s what you ’ re not to... Super delicious and humongous Sunday night dinner, capped off with some Toblerone and a little out of.! On your questions: yeah, Toblerone and a new quarter… ( that likely ’! Account of my first 3 days I too was researching ‘ fasting ’ s good!, nor the DSMV, but it ’ s no medal for your body fully adjusts to fasting, lost... Today which was nice and I have black coffee lifestyle in any event by 4pm today I will complete hours! Chest/Shoulders and the readers should read it and more energetic that can be used whatever you are! Crazy not to keep up the regenerative process and stimulate autophagy take a complete rest between... The holiday feast guilt-free hungry for it rest and you will start the digestive system a break from agitants and! Been easier and I have been had I followed a similarly strict plan, she had brought some salmon! Day feels almost little more than normal what I was going to make me tense but. The fatigue and tired towards the afternoon them off and help prevent Cancer in the afternoon restored from.. Has always reminded me of a three day fast to know there ’ s helped you make hope 3 day fast bodybuilding... Shot some hoops after to cool down, I ’ ve stayed spry! Much of that say 7mo I was fasting to a certain workout keep! Was the best and thanks again Chris and I just wanted to let us know is!

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